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4 Videos to Make After You Get a Deposit

As any senior living marketing and sales team will attest, the fight for improved occupancy rates never ends. Between attracting move-ins and keeping current residents satisfied, there’s never a moment where you can let your foot off of the messaging gas pedal.

For example, although receiving a deposit is an exciting and critical event for both a prospective resident and community, it’s really just a stepping stone – albeit a significant one –  in a messaging strategy aimed at continually driving occupancy. Therefore, I’m going to discuss four post-deposit video ideas your sales team and marketers can use to bolster the connection with your newest future resident and help ensure a fulfilling, lasting relationship.


1. A ‘Welcome Home’ Video From the Executive Director

Put yourself in a future resident’s shoes for a moment. There’s a good chance you are moving out of a home you’ve lived in for decades and will soon be in an entirely unfamiliar environment where everyone and everything is new. Suffice it to say, moving into your senior living community is a momentous event in a person’s life.

However, now picture yourself receiving a personalized One Day video from your community’s Executive Director, welcoming you to your new home. Although it might only take a few minutes to make the video, its impact on the recipient’s life – not to mention their loved ones – is difficult to put into words.

That video, maybe just a minute in duration, speaks volumes to the top-down empathy, compassion, and camaraderie that makes your community special. And I guarantee the new resident and their family will never forget it.


2. A Virtual Tour of the New Resident’s Specific Unit

A great way to build excitement around the upcoming move-in date is a virtual tour around the specific unit your new resident will be living in. This is yet another video that is easy to create but highly personalized and special for the future resident and involved decision-makers.

Remember, up to this point, they’ve probably only seen model units or currently occupied units during virtual tours. However, this time, you are showing them the actual space they will be living in for the foreseeable future.

Further, you can even add some celebratory touches to the space before recording the video, perhaps streamers or a welcome home poster. These small touches only amplify the excitement and sense of anticipation that you are creating with the video.


3. A Welcome Video From a Current Resident

Nothing makes a future resident feel more comfortable with their decision than a welcome video from a current resident. Even better, try choosing a resident that shares interests or experiences with the video’s recipient – perhaps a fellow golf lover, their new neighbor, another Armed Forces veteran, or someone that grew up in the same city.

All of these touchpoints create a sense of familiarity that will not only put your future resident’s mind at ease but, just as importantly, give them something to look forward to the minute they walk through your door as an official community resident.

As you know, friendships are an incredibly essential component of a satisfying quality of life for your residents. Thus, it’s always a good idea to reinforce the social aspect of life in your community, especially when you receive a prospect’s deposit.


4. A Tour of Any Amenities the Resident Is Excited About

Between the virtual tours, telephone calls, emails, and videoconference meetings your team has conducted with a prospect before receiving a deposit, there have undoubtedly been specific amenities that piqued the prospect’s interests. In fact, some of those amenities might have played a pivotal role in the prospective resident and their family members choosing your community over others.

Providing a personalized video around those specific amenities is yet another way you can quickly and easily create even more excitement around their decision. For instance, if your assisted living community’s newly renovated fitness and wellness center caught their eye, virtually introduce them to some of your new exercise equipment and any expansion plans you have for the center.

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Thankfully, creating these types of post-deposit, high-quality videos with OneDay’s platform is fast and convenient for your team. In the bigger picture, they will ensure your relationship with future residents and their loved ones start off on the right foot.

Ready to see how video can work for you?