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How to Use Video to Attract Top Talent

Acquiring the best talent is a critical challenge for hiring managers, especially in the current competitive landscape. With the competition going after the best and the brightest, how do you help your company to stand out? One way to stand out is by using video to help you communicate effectively with potential candidates. No matter how eloquent you are in text, only video can convey with certainty the tone and visuals you want to use to present your company in the best light. Let's look at how video can help you attract quality candidates and guide them through the hiring process. 

Use Video in Job Postings

Utilizing video is a fantastic way to communicate more deeply and personally with prospective employees. As candidates scroll through text-only job postings, you can capture their attention with a brief video about the open position and what your company offers. Videos provide an in-depth showcase of your company that a text-only description cannot. Showing the candidate an overview of the job position will help ensure the candidate has clarity about the job requirements. Using a video messaging platform is an easy way to create these videos, distribute them to job posting websites and store them for future use. Finding a video messaging platform that tracks your videos' engagement provides valuable information about which videos perform best with potential candidates. 


Share Employee Testimonials

The most effective tool you have as a hiring manager is the testimonials of your current workforce. Job posting websites, like Indeed, now include employee ratings on your company and can be seen with each posting. Candidates want to ensure they will be happy and thriving with your company. Filming testimonials with your employees allow potential hires to feel a sense of ease and confidence in applying to your posting. These videos are easy to create, and once you have your testimonials, you can use your video messaging platform to save and distribute them for any future job posting.  


Share Company Culture

Who you are, what you stand for, and your company values are critical to your company culture. Making sure candidates understand your values and your mission is easy to accomplish using video so they can understand who they are joining. Work is the most significant portion of your employee's daily life, and they want to feel purpose and connection. While salary and benefits are still of primary importance, today's candidates want to feel a sense of community in their working environment. Whether your talent works from home or the office, video allows you to keep everyone connected and your culture intact. 


Streamline Candidate Communication

with Video

Using video is essential to break down the barriers between the hiring manager and prospect during the hiring process. Imagine a candidate receiving a video message directly from their interviewer before the interview, with an introduction on who they are and additional information about the position. A video, which took only minutes to film, has now put a face to the interviewer's name and has assuaged some of the nervousness the candidate may be feeling. The more personal and connected you can make each stage of the hiring process, the easier it will be to get the very best out of each candidate so that you can make the best decision for your company. For the candidate who ultimately gets the position, a personal congratulatory welcome video is the perfect way to l start them off on the right foot. 

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Let Video Make Your Job Easier

Try creating your first video using a messaging platform to get started. These platforms allow you to film and re-film as much as needed to get your video exactly right. As a hiring manager, video can make a crucial difference in all aspects of your work; you just have to start! From the very first job posting to a special welcome video to your new hire, using video will allow you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with prospects throughout the hiring process and beyond.


Ready to see how video can work for you?