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Avamere Case Study: Video Drives Sales Success

Avamere Communities partnered with OneDay, with the goal of increasing sales and finding new and creative ways to use OneDay throughout their communities.

Using OneDay’s video platform in conjunction with Sherpa CRM, Avamere Communities senior living was looking to improve specific sales performance metrics for their communities from January - April 2022. While video has been proven to have a direct impact on revenue through increased move-ins, Avamere was particularly interested in measuring impact throughout the entire prospect journey.

The metrics to be improved included:

+ Move Ins

+ Deposits

+ Creative Follow-Ups

+ Advances + Tours

+ New Leads to New Visits

+ New Visits to Move-Ins



The Approach

Thomas Cloutier, Avamere Communities’ Chief Marketing Officer, designed the approach with OneDay’s SVP of Client Success, Lacy Jungman. They determined specific activities the directors of sales and outreach (DSOs) would utilize throughout Avamere’s communities.

To gather the data for the case study, all DSOs were directed to do the following:

+ Send four OneDay videos per week to top prospects, potential prospects, top referral sources, and pre and post-tour prospects.

+ Hold a weekly DSO roundup to gather and report on the week’s videos, with the best performing shared with the group.

+ Actively track specific sales metrics throughout the challenge.

+ Record and label each video sent in Sherpa to accurately track goal metrics.



The Outcome

At the conclusion of the challenge, the results were in and they were dramatic. Every metric included in the goals for improvement saw substantial increases in engagement. The results proved that using OneDay’s video platform allowed the DSOs to create video messages that were authentic, engaging, and effective with their prospects. The statistics Avamere found proved that the OneDay video platform had a positive impact on improving sales performance in this timeframe.

“I recommend (OneDay) to any organization to really kick start sales, using OneDay on a consistent basis rather than an optional tool.”

- Thomas Cloutier, Chief Marketing Officer, Avamere Communities


Results at a Glance

Move-Ins +31%

Deposits +35%

Tours +37%

New Leads to Visits +11%

Creative Follow-Ups +43%

Advances +21%

New Visits to Move-Ins +6%


Want to see more results from our case study with Avamere?
Click below to get a closer look at how two specific Avamere communities saw great results!

Download: Video Drives Sales Success - A Case Study with Avamere Senior Living

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