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4 Tips to Create Authentic and Engaging Recruitment Videos

The Great Resignation isn't anything new to the senior living industry. In fact, even before the coronavirus pandemic, senior living already had one of the highest employee turnover rates in the services sector. Unfortunately, that just means the industry was already starved for talent, making the aftermath of the pandemic salt to an already painful recruiting wound.

But that doesn't mean senior living communities are helpless in fighting these powerful tides. As I'm about to discuss, recruitment videos can be a potent tool in engaging and, ultimately, hiring the people that drive communities forward. To that point, I'm providing four simple tips that will make your employee recruitment videos authentic, engaging, and effective.


Send a Personalized Video Introduction

The people you’re targeting with your talent acquisition strategy aren't necessarily married to senior living. Sure, some of them are specifically focused on the industry. However, most are just looking for job postings from organizations that fit their skills, goals, and personality. Therefore, candidates are usually casting wide nets across multiple companies and industries.

So how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd in such a broad job hunt? That's where personalized videos can be your ace in the hole, ensuring an applicant understands that you’re genuinely interested in them. For example, upon receiving an application from someone, a personalized video introduction in response can drastically increase your chances of locking down an interview with that person.


Utilize Your Team

People don't want to just hear what it's like to work in your community. No offense, but they probably take everything an HR rep or recruiting specialist says with a grain of salt in this topsy-turvy labor market. Conversely, a behind-the-scenes peek at your community can act like an octane boost for your recruiting strategy.

That's what makes your team so vital to the hiring process. As a follow-up to a call with a candidate, try sending them a testimonial video from one of your team members. This way, you're humanizing the process and capitalizing on the power of social influence. After all, who is better to provide a review of working in your community than a current employee who absolutely loves their job? That's easy – no one.


Showcase Your Space

Your sales and marketing team already knows how much of a difference maker your community’s amenities and overall feel can be for your occupancy metrics. Simply put, prospective residents are drawn to an appealing physical space that already feels familiar and comfortable.

Job candidates react in the same way, wanting to get a feel for your community's space before making a decision. Granted, things like company culture and employee engagement, compensation, and benefits might be higher on the food chain, but don't discount the impact your physical work environment has on someone's decision-making process. The bottom line – show applicants what makes your community the place to be.


Remove Stress from the Process

Applicants have a lot on their minds during the recruitment process. It takes time and effort, usually involving a few surprises or detours along the way. So anything you can do to remove stress is a feather in your cap, one that will stick out to a candidate.

One of the most significant ways you can help is to make the smaller details easier to remember so they can focus on their interviewing skills and strategies. And as you probably guessed, recruitment videos absolutely shines in this regard, especially when they:

  • Remind the candidate of all upcoming interview dates and times
  • Rundown who they will be speaking with, and what their role is at the company
  • Provide an overview of where to park, check in, and other essentials
  • Include a schedule of the day so they can plan for breaks and lunch

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Remember, video content is the most engaging and immersive tool you have in communicating with residents, prospects, and job candidates. So take advantage of its innate power, use OneDay to streamline the video creation process, and start winning the battles for top talent.

Ready to see how video can work for you?