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Discover how OneDay revolutionizes multifamily storytelling, enhancing community connection and attracting new residents

In the pulsating heart of a multifamily community, every event is a canvas, painted with moments of joy, camaraderie, and shared experiences. These events, big and small, stitch together the fabric of community life, creating a vibrant mosaic that defines the spirit of the residents. Videos, when done right, do more than just capture these moments; they breathe life into them.  But video isn’t just about capturing moments, it can be used to elevate your outreach, entice potential residents, and boost occupancy. This is where OneDay’s video platform shines, transforming simple events into captivating stories that reshape the multifamily experience. 


Crafting Stories from Moments

Events in multifamily spaces are not just gatherings; they are chapters of a larger story waiting to be told. A summer pool party, for example, is a splash of laughter and joy, an experience that binds the community. OneDay’s platform, with its Digital Library, templates, and music library, crafts these raw moments into a narrative that resonates deeply with residents, capturing the essence of their shared experiences. 


OneDay Features that Bring Events to Life

In the bustling life of a community, events are central to building connections and creating a vibrant living experience. OneDay's platform is equipped with features specifically designed to capture these moments: 

  • Digital Library: Preserve and celebrate your community's collective memory with OneDay’s Digital Library. This organized, accessible repository of videos isn't just a collection of moments; it's a testament to the enduring bonds and shared experiences that define your community.
  • Customizable Templates: Use a bright, friendly template for a weekend pool party video, capturing the relaxed and fun atmosphere of the event, and inviting viewers to feel the joy and community spirit.
  • Music Library: For a fitness challenge hosted in the community gym, adding upbeat, energetic music from the library energizes the video, encouraging viewers to feel the dynamism and motivation of the event.


Drive New Resident Move-Ins: Tailoring Marketing with OneDay's Personalized Approach


OneDay’s platform isn’t just about recording events, OneDay significantly elevates the marketing and sales strategy for multifamily communities with detailed, personalized features: 

  • Hyper-Personalized Content Creation: Leasing agents can create highly personalized introductions for their videos. For example, after a property tour, a message can be sent saying, "Hey Tom, thanks for touring the property today. Beyond the living space, I wanted to show you some of our recent events. I hope to see you at the next one." This level of personalization makes prospective residents feel directly spoken to and connected with the community.
  • Enhanced Digital Presence: Videos created with OneDay are optimized for sharing across digital platforms. By posting personalized event recap videos on social media and the community’s website, the community can enhance its online presence, showcasing its vibrant lifestyle to a wider audience.
  • Authentic Engagement: OneDay’s platform helps add authenticity in marketing, our platform allows the capturing of real moments and genuine interactions of the This authenticity helps in creating a trustful image of the community, attracting residents who are looking for a genuine and engaging living experience.

Schedule Your Team's Demo Today

In multifamily living, video is a key instrument to bring the community together and give your marketing strategy the boost it needs to increase occupancy. Videos that are crafted with OneDay are not just tools; they are the heartbeat of community storytelling and the marketing edge your team needs. Discover how OneDay can revolutionize your community’s storytelling & sales. Experience its magic, see its impact, and schedule a demo today. 


Ready to see how video can work for you?