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How to Leverage Video for Professional Services

Utilizing personalized videos gives you a leg up over competitors still stuck using outdated text-only marketing methods. With video, you can send targeted messages that are effective and personal, that meet and exceed customer expectations, and help you to make the sale. For interoffice communications, you can end the email back and forth by using video messages that will provide the clarity to move projects forward without wasting time. Pairing video with video messaging software lets you get the most out of your videos. From creating, editing, distributing, and analyzing your video, having video messaging software is the perfect partner to leverage your video campaigns. 


Use Video for Sales and Marketing

Videos are an effective tool to reach consumers who don't have the time or inclination to read through text advertising. In addition, humanizing your products or services with personalized videos allows you to engage your customer through the sales process. Below are a few specific ways to utilize video to help your business. 


  • Streamline Sales: Leverage personalized videos to build your customer pipeline and assist clients through their purchasing journey. From creating service and product videos highlighting the benefits of what you offer to answering consumer questions efficiently and personally, personalized videos make the sales process a breeze. 


  • Optimize Marketing Strategy: You can set your company apart with branded videos highlighting what you offer and who you are. Using video messaging software, you can create endless categories of videos depending on the intended market so that everyone can feel a personal connection to your company. 


  • Streamline Communication: With video, you streamline interdepartmental communications by creating an internal culture of sharing ideas that will lead to higher team engagement. Video also allows employees to feel heard and give managers a tool to send congratulatory messages for a job well done. A happy and communicative culture leads to employee loyalty and a more efficient work environment. 

Use Video Messaging Software for

Easy Editing

When creating videos for a marketing or sales campaign, it is crucial to have the right software to make the exact video effectively that you had in mind. Video messaging software allows you to edit and add music and text to create a truly unique and personalized video. Another great feature of video messaging software is the ability to send your consumers on a journey through embedded calls to action (CTA's) directly within your videos. To find a video messaging platform that works for you, be sure to look for the following features: 


  • Easy to Use:  A video messaging platform should make it easy to film videos for any audience. The software should allow you to have as many takes as you would like to make your video perfect and make it, so it's easy to send your video through social media, direct links, and your existing CRM software. 


  • Store Unlimited Videos:  Once your video is made, it should always be available for future use. The ability to reuse videos will save you time and effort while ensuring that the customer receives a high-quality video message. Making videos should save you time, so choose a video messaging software that allows you to use what you have worked hard to create. 


  • Easy Editing: If creating a video becomes too challenging, no matter how effective it is, you will find yourself using it less and less. A video messaging platform where you can easily edit and add music, themes, customer comments, and CTA's is a must when choosing your software! Video messaging software should guide you through the process step by step to alleviate frustration or guesswork. 

Using Video Messaging Software for


With your video campaign edited and ready to go, having video messaging software that can offer detailed analytics about the performance of your video will maximize your campaign's effectiveness. When choosing a video messaging software, make sure the software provides the following: 


  • The Ability to Send Videos Anywhere: After your video is filmed and saved, your software should make it so your video can go exactly where you need it. You should be able to send videos via email, text, social media, or even embed the videos on your website. 


  • Comprehensive Dashboard for Analysis: Your video messaging platform should offer an analytics dashboard so you can see how many people are opening your videos, who is opening them, how long they are watching them, and much more. 


  • Easily Integrate CRM: Your software should be designed to integrate with your existing CRM, so you can select a prospect or group from your list and send your video. The provided analytics dashboard should show how consumers respond, then update your CRM based on the response and your marketing needs.

Let Video Elevate Your Professional

Services Marketing

Creating video marketing and sales campaigns is a simple and effective way to "level up" in today's competitive advertising environment. With a targeted video campaign combined with a video messaging software platform creating and distributing videos have become simple and accessible to everyone. If you have questions about making a video or finding the right video messaging software, feel free to contact us for more information. 

Ready to see how video can work for you?