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How to Use Video to Market Senior Living Communities Under Construction

A senior living community under construction should do nothing but build excitement and anticipation with prospects and their families. Unfortunately, sales and marketing teams don’t always make the most of the situation to generate enthusiasm from prospective residents.

However, video sales and marketing content is the perfect format for generating the anticipation needed to launch a new community’s occupancy rates into orbit. That’s why I want to discuss some different ways video can build excitement and let your soon-to-be new senior living community hit the ground running.


Generate Excitement on Your Progress

Everyone likes to see a project gradually take shape. It’s almost like a heavy mist slowly lifting from a community under construction, transforming it from a building site into something tangible and exciting.

Using OneDay videos throughout your senior living construction progress allows your target audience to participate in the building process. They can watch your community gradually form, growing from blueprints and empty real estate to the type of senior housing facilities they can see themselves enjoying their lives in. Just make sure you’re consistent with your video production and slowly build anticipation up to your grand opening.


Share Details and Information About Your Opening

Speaking of your grand opening, it’s the endpoint for this initial phase of your senior living marketing strategy, with all early messaging roads leading to this celebration. Therefore, it just makes sense to keep potential new residents and their families plugged into the latest details and information about it.

This is a great opportunity for your on-camera team members to display genuine enthusiasm for the entire world to see. You want the viewer to see the expressions on their faces and the excitement in their voices as your team delivers the latest news on your community’s opening.


Introduce Your Team

Of course, when a community is under construction, your sales and marketing strategy isn’t exclusively about your building progress. Yes, the new residential facilities, dining halls, swimming pools, and everything else your community will offer are obviously appealing. Ultimately, however, your community is about much more than looks and amenities.

Your biggest differentiator is always going to be your team and the high quality of life and senior care they will provide your residents. Thus, be sure to create OneDay videos that showcase your staff, the passion they bring to their jobs, and the type of community a prospect can look forward to living in once the construction project dust settles.


Build Strong Connections Early

It’s never too early to start engaging prospective residents and their adult children. If you’re building excitement and anticipation over your grand opening, you’re bound to have prospects reaching out to find out more about what your community will be like.

Thanks to OneDay’s video sales and marketing platform, this stage of your marketing plan can form strong, lasting connections through personalized video introductions and follow-ups. And because OneDay is so intuitive to use, each video only takes your sales team and marketers a few minutes to record, edit, and distribute.

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In other words, by partnering with OneDay throughout the critical construction phase, you’re giving your community a significant competitive edge from the moment it opens its doors.

Ready to see how video can work for you?