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Re-Imagining Your Buyer’s Journey: 5 Digital Touchpoints You Need in Senior Living

Much has changed in the last couple of years for senior living communities, including on the sales and marketing front. Between the pandemic, evolving customer expectations, and ever-growing competition, the traditional methods of connecting with the audience across the buyer’s journey aren’t always going to be the most effective ones.

In fact, digital tools and tactics are proving to be the future of the industry. And as we discussed in our latest webinar, Re-Imagining Your Buyer’s Journey: 5 Digital Touchpoints You Need in Senior Living, that future is already here. At this point, it’s just a matter of seeing which communities embrace it and come out ahead.


A New Look For an Old Concept: The Buyer’s Journey

Along with experts from MBK Senior Living and G5, our webinar takes an in-depth look at a re-imagined buyer’s journey, one that accounts for and builds on the “new normal” in senior living.

As you’ll see, our free-flowing, round table discussion provides critical insights on the simple but powerful digital tools and tactics you’ll need to engage across each of the journey’s five touchpoints:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Advocate

After watching our webinar, your team will have a better understanding of what it takes to connect with your audience. From the top of the funnel to the very bottom, our panel gives you a blueprint for driving lead generation, engagement, and conversions in this brave new digital world.


Use the Right Tool For the Right Job

Social media, websites, paid media campaigns, video marketing, chatbots, SEO, and more – the sheer volume of tools and techniques available can be intimidating to a team just stepping into the digital waters.

But that’s yet another key topic we cover in Re-Imagining Your Buyer’s Journey: 5 Digital Touchpoints You Need in Senior Living. Of course, a team shouldn’t integrate these powerful tools just for the sake of saying they did. What’s most important is using the right tool for the right job, and that’s where the insights from our panel of experts really shine.

For example, video content increases user time on-page by 88%, also generating 1,200% more shares than both images and text on social media. But what do those statistics mean for your senior living community’s marketing strategy? What are the best ways to use video and when should you use it during the buyer’s journey?

Those are the types of questions we address for every stage of the senior living sales and marketing funnel – practical, real-world advice that teams can start using today to drive more leads and move-ins.


The OneDay Way

Just as important as the information we convey, our panel of experts discusses these crucial topics in everyday language. Therefore, no matter how familiar you are with these tools and tactics going in, you’ll be able to integrate these tips into your own marketing strategy quickly.

Watch Webinar: Re-Imagining Your Buyer’s Journey: 5 Digital Touchpoints You  Need in Senior Living

Ultimately, that’s our goal with everything we do at OneDay – to help senior living communities gain a competitive advantage and rise to the top. So on that note, check out our latest webinar and improve prospect engagement across the buyer’s journey. Your occupancy rates will thank you.



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