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Gearing Up for 2021 - New Goals for New Times

If 2020 was anything for the senior living industry, it was challenging. But as we turn the page on 2020 and look forward to 2021, an undeniable and hopeful fact comes to mind – even historically difficult times have an endpoint.

Still, while 2021 does in fact offer a reset of sorts for senior living communities – at least from many of 2020’s trials and tribulations – it also creates a significant amount of uncertainty, not to mention seemingly countless critical questions to answer. What does the “new normal” entail? Is it permanent? What are the lessons from 2020 that we can build from? 

Those questions and more are the focus of OneDay’s latest on-demand webinar, Gearing Up for 2021 - New Goals for New Times. Along with some key OneDay partners and industry experts from Avanti, Bethesda, and Radiant Senior Living, our downloadable, roundtable conversation is filled with insights, expert opinions, and an in-depth view of the industry’s future, covering topics like:

  • Best practices from 2020 that will carry-over into 2021 and beyond
  • The role technology will play in separating the haves and have-nots
  • New initiatives to think about for 2021


Building on What You Know

As we discuss in our webinar, this is new terrain for the senior living industry. And while 2020 was, in many ways, a trial-by-fire for communities, it’s important that sales and marketing teams stay cognizant of what worked in 2020, what didn’t, and what the best path forward looks like.

According to our partners and experts, that best path forward isn’t necessarily filled with unknowns, though. In fact, while the flexibility that many communities developed out of necessity in 2020 will continue to be an unequalled asset, success will largely be determined by building on what sales and marketing teams already know.

In other words, the operational and technology-based trends already reinventing lead generation, prospect engagement, and data analysis before the pandemic will still be front-and-center. When viewed through the prism of 2020, however, it’s obvious that the most successful communities will be the one that align the right tools and best practices with those emerging trends.

Want to know what those tools and best practices are? Watch our webinar to find out!

Watch Webinar: Gearing Up for 2021 - New Goals for New Times

Stories to Learn From

Aside from the many tips and insights shared throughout our conversation, perhaps the most important things you’ll walk away with are simply the stories that our experts share from the frontlines.

Prospects, families, residents, and staff all want to feel a connection with a senior living community. That they’re not just numbers in a spreadsheet or a file in an HR database. Instead, they want to know that they’re important, feel your compassion and empathy, and that your community walks the talk.

Those stories alone make Gearing Up for 2021 - New Goals for New Times essential watching. Include the many OneDay video best practices and day-to-day tips discussed throughout and you’ll understand why we say this webinar is a must-see event for senior living sales and marketing teams. And as always, OneDay will continue to provide the tools and thought leadership to help your community drive occupancy and NOI in 2021.

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