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OneDay's Exceptional 2022: A Year In Review

2022 was a milestone year for OneDay; from consolidating our brands under the OneDay umbrella to launching amazing new features to our OneDay platform, we have had a busy and productive year! 

So as we wrap up the year and look forward to 2023, let's take a closer look at our OneDay year in review. 


OneDay Brand Update

This year, the all-new OneDay became the single product platform that merged all product verticals into one seamless application. By joining OneDay for Senior Living and Convey platforms under the OneDay name, we made it easier for consumers to recognize our brand and allowed our platform to expand into new industries. Every major retail, sales, and professional sector can now use our platform as we make a name for ourselves in the personalized video messaging space. Our mobile and desktop platforms have also undergone a significant rebrand to reflect the people, technology, and market that have helped make us who we are today. It may look different, but we've implemented changes to provide you with a consistent experience.


New Partnerships

2022 was an excellent year for adding significant partnerships that have improved our consumer's ability to share videos through their CRM of choice. Not only did we add new CRM partnerships, but we improved how the user can track videos sent through their CRM. For example, when a OneDay video is shared with a contact, an activity is created automatically in the user's CRM, providing details about the specific video sent. These new details will allow users to see how well their videos perform so they can optimize which videos generate the most impact, providing a clear ROI. In 2022, we added the following CRM's to our list of integrated partners:

  • Entrata
  • KnockCRM
  • ResMan
  • Salesforce
  • WelcomeHome
  • Yardi

OneDay App User Updates

One of our goals for 2022 was to improve the overall user experience when using the OneDay platform. We wanted to create an experience that made our features accessible and helped to deliver the ultimate goal of a truly functional and personalized video messaging platform. Here are some of the user updates we added this year: 

  • SSO: With Single Sign On (SSO), OneDay users can access all their applications with the username and password they already use for their company logins! This change made access to our platform quicker and more efficient, helping consumers spend less time logging into each application.

  • Closed Captioning: With the introduction of closed captioning, viewers now receive access to captions on their videos if needed. Video recipients who opt-in can customize the font, font size, and color of the captions and change the background color if desired.

  • Integrated Contact List: This year, we made it easier for users to choose to whom they send their videos by moving the recipient list option to the end of the video creation process. To add additional flexibility, we added the ability to add multiple recipients! 

  • Admin Portal: OneDay now offers a fully customizable portal to meet our consumer's unique needs. The Admin Portal provides multiple licensing levels, so consumers only pay for what they need and individual modules and contact types for our consumer's business requirements. 

OneDay App Feature Updates

For our OneDay app, we took steps in 2022 to improve and build upon our existing features. Keeping our users in mind, we worked tirelessly to ensure our app has the most up-to-date features and abilities to make OneDay the premiere personalized video messaging platform. Some of our features added include: 

  • Share Anywhere: Now, users can share videos from their personal mobile number, and email with the new Share Anywhere option. Our users simply select Share Anywhere when they are ready to publish and choose their preferred sharing method. 

  • Call to Action: CTAs can now be integrated into a OneDay personalized video message to help prompt viewers to take the next step in the sales or marketing process. Whether our users want a prospect to schedule a tour, learn more, or even RSVP to an upcoming event, CTAs can be seamlessly incorporated into any video message.

  • Music Updates: This year, we have added many royalty-free tracks to our platform, so consumers have more options to choose from when adding music to their videos. 

  • Candidate Contact Type: We've introduced a new contact type to support HR professionals using video in their recruitment process.


Looking Forward

At OneDay, as we move into 2023, we look forward to exciting changes and developments as we work toward increasing our platform abilities and brand awareness. Increased partnerships, launching into new industries, and improving our OneDay app will be some of our focuses in the upcoming year. 2022 has been a fantastic year for our company's growth, and we are excited to see what will come in the new year!


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