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OneDay’s New Digs Initiative For Culture and Team Well-Being Is Turning Heads

News spreads fast when you’re doing things the right way. That’s especially true during these challenging times, when the best route for businesses to take is anything but obvious. From a leadership perspective, given the number of curveballs companies have had to address in the last few months, opting for that “right way” hasn’t always been easy. Or even clear.

Here at OneDay, the pandemic has affected our own operations just as much as everyone else. And while I’ve previously discussed our unique take on addressing the pandemic’s impact on our team – OneDay’s New Digs initiative – word is getting out on the OneDay way.

Case in point, our co-founder and CEO, Clint Lee, was a recent guest on NewsRadio 1080 AM KRLD in Dallas, discussing the issues that remote working poses on a company’s culture. As you’ll hear, OneDay’s approach has not only allowed us to adapt to recent challenges but, in many ways, made our team and operations stronger than ever.


Burnout From Home

For the uninitiated, working from home might sound like a dream come true. However, as millions of workers and their companies have discovered during the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the reality of remote working isn’t always enjoyable or productive, and can quickly lead to burnout.

That creates a unique set of problems for organizations, particularly ones that rely so much on a cohesive, unifying culture. Suffice it to say, remote working puts a new and potentially significant stress on that culture, where team members are suddenly spread out across cities rather than collaborating in the same space.

As Clint explains in the interview, it’s important for business leaders to take this threat to their culture seriously since the repercussions can be severe. A healthy, robust culture makes for happy employees which, naturally, are instrumental in creating happy customers and driving revenue. In fact, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of company culture and how it drives success for all companies and industries, including technology and senior living.


The OneDay Way: Our New Digs Initiative

OneDay strives to be an innovator in everything we do. While that obviously includes the solutions and insights we provide to our partners in senior living, innovation is a fitting description of our operations as well.

During the interview on KRLD, Clint explains what makes New Digs just that – innovating. Every month, four of our employees and their families can pick an Airbnb or vacation rental anywhere in the country and stay there for a weekend, all on the company’s tab. Due to current health precautions, that means our team members have embraced old school road trips to places as close as Lake Grapevine in DFW and far as Michigan and Florida.

The point is, without innovative ideas and new approaches to addressing remote working fatigue, even the most committed and motivated employees will feel some degree of remote working burnout after a period of time. And as you might guess, that burnout only compounds the stress on culture that virtual work already creates.

However, with a program like New Digs, we’re able to provide our team members and their families with a new and exciting experience that works wonders for their motivation and productivity which, of course, only enhances OneDay’s culture.


A Worthwhile Investment

Clint explains the philosophy behind New Digs perfectly during the interview – if you’re a mission-driven company like OneDay that focuses on improving people’s lives, then making your own people happier and more satisfied will always be a sound, worthwhile investment.

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Through our best-in-class app, we help senior living communities and their residents become master storytellers, strengthening connections and emotional bonds at a time when they need it most. At OneDay, we see New Digs as part of our own story, one that focuses on a people-first mentality that, given the amount of attention and success we’ve seen recently, has really struck a chord, both for our team as well as the industry we serve. And we’re not about to stop.


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