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5 Ways Video Creates Faster Human Connections

The marketplace is dynamic and crowded these days, no matter the industry. Things move fast across the customer’s journey, and if your company can’t keep pace, you risk losing significant ground to your competition just down the street. Therefore, the faster you create connections to your target audience, the better your chances of improving your conversion rates.

That’s why video sales and marketing is becoming such a powerful force across nearly every industry – it quickly forms those fast, lasting bonds with your audience that directly correlate with conversions and ROI. As I’m about to explain, video is a true difference-maker in keeping your brand top of mind to both potential and current customers.


1. Video Is More Engaging In Text

If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say? Probably too many to count. That said, just compare the emotional response you can evoke from a well-made, personalized video to an image or text.

According to recent research, if a webpage contains the same content in two different formats – video and text – 72% of the audience will choose the video. For your sales and marketing team, that means vastly superior engagement levels with the viewer and, for the audience, greater convenience and ease, particularly on a mobile device.


2. Video Content Is Nuanced

Think about everything you can convey in just a one-minute video. Besides the actual on-camera messaging itself, there’s an entire world of nuanced communication that isn’t necessarily obvious to the audience but still packs a powerful punch, including:

  • Visuals and graphics
  • Facial expressions
  • Voice tones
  • Lighting

Each of those is another communications cue that, together, help you become a first-class video storyteller that your audience can’t resist.


3. Video Storytelling Uses Multiple Senses

Expanding on the previous point, video content and storytelling is a multisensory experience for prospects that no other format can match. For example, imagine being a prospective customer watching a personalized OneDay video from a company highlighting its new line of educational toys. You can see kids smiling and hear the music and laughter in the background, all while learning about the world and immersing you into the experience.

That’s the type of storytelling video is uniquely capable of providing. It allows the viewer to imagine themselves in using a product or service, thus, helping you quickly form a connection with that prospect.


4. Face-to-Face Made Easier

Between the pandemic and ever-changing audience expectations, the last few years have been overwhelming for many industries. However, despite these forces, a few valuable lessons have shown through for companies. Toward the top of that list is the unique combination of convenience and impact that virtual tours, video webinars, and live video communication have provided many marketers and sales teams.

Simply put, face-to-face conversations no longer have to be such a significant hurdle. For instance, by using video as a live-streaming substitute for in-person communication – Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, to name a few – your team can connect with a prospective customer quickly, spontaneously, and conveniently.


5. Everyone Loves a Good Story

Although you can tell a story using almost any content format, nothing comes close to matching the personal brand of storytelling that an effective video marketing strategy delivers. This type of narrative is hardwired into our DNA, explaining why 80% of viewers can recall a video they’ve seen in the last month.

Beyond the engagement metrics, though, video marketing allows you to show off your genuine personality and brand, giving you a massive head start in building a loyal audience. And that’s what makes OneDay such a valuable partner for companies in search of a competitive edge.

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With OneDay, you can leverage the full power of personalized video content marketing and quickly form those critical connections with your audience, all without slowing your workflow. From email marketing to YouTube videos, social media to website videos, OneDay harnesses the power of video to drive engagement and give you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Ready to see how video can work for you?